Esther Circle

ESTHER CIRCLE                                                                                                DECEMBER 6, 2017

                Ten ladies and 4 men enjoyed a bountiful Christmas Party potluck.  Following the bountiful meal President Jane called the meeting to order.

                Minutes were read and approved as read.

                Treasurer report showed balance of $998.32 with income of $320.00 for Nov. Retired School Personnel Dinner and $52 from Rada.

                About $300.00 was made on Mini bazaar.  It was decided to move the items to the brown table by the lift and leave it until after morning breakfast Dec. 17th.  Suggestions for next year.  Put more signs in traffic areas so people can see where to go.  Jane made suggestion that we could make soup with crackers for them to eat for $1.

                Sheets sent around for food and workers for the Retired School Personnel dinner next Tues. Dec.12th.  Workers to start at 10am Monday morning.

                Barb read list of giving’s from last year.  Diane made motion seconded by Donna to give $100 to True North Children’s Fund, Methodist Community House, WISE, Red Bird Mission, Clark Home, Ellen & Pastor Ed, Food Pantry, Youth Group & Ministry Shares.

                A nice assortment of personal items for the food pantry and items for the Veterans Home were brought.  Jane & Jean will take the items to the Veterans Home and Kathy & Teegan will take items for food pantry in the cart.

                Donna Fowler had lucky paper under her chair. Christmas wrappings and cards.

                Thanks to Donita and Bob for a wonderful Christmas Party.


Barbara A. Thatcher, Secretary