Esther Circle

ESTHER CIRCLE                                                                                             

FEBRUARY 7, 2018

                Eight ladies met Maike’s with Donna Fowler as hostess.  Following lunch she treated us to delicious cookies.

                President Jane C. called the meeting to order.  Sandy gave devotions and asked us to think of a song with heart in.  Several were mentioned.

                Roll call found 6 cards sent and11 visits or calls made.

                Minutes were read and approved.

                Treasurer report showed balance of $594.35.  Accepted as read.

                Thank you cards were read from Tim & Peggy Rossler, Dolly Voss, Pastor Jerry & Joy for Christmas fruit baskets.  Thank you letters were read WISE for contribution and letter from Bev Dawson, retired missionary to Guyana concerning the reading of the Wapishana New Testament that they worked so many years in publishing.

                Sunshine person, Hope S. was unable to attend but gave list of cards sent in month of Jan. & Feb. and reported that over 100 cards were sent in 2017.

List on Emeritus was reviewed and updated.

Jane reported that there didn’t seem to be interest in making crafts for bazaar.  Left over items from the Christmas walk will be put out this Sat. night at the Soup & Dessert supper and whatever is left will be put away.

                Jane said she will be gone the month of March and vice president, Joan will not be back so since we do not have any business to take care of we will cancel March meeting.  We will notify Ruth S. the hostess.

                No further business meeting adjourned.


Barbara A. Thatcher, Secretary