Esther Circle



Ten ladies present with Phyllis as hostess. Following lunch Jane served Cheery Cherry Dessert and Phyllis served cookies. Thank you ladies.
Sandy unable to come Jane gave devotions on asking God’s Blessing on the 4th of July and we need to think about the words and ways we can celebrate this special day.
Roll call found 56 cards sent and 12 calls or visits made.
Minutes were read and Doris made correction on getting cards to send from the Esther Circle cards. She had been given so many she doesn’t need any right now.
Treasurer report showed a balance of $117.75.
New business: Retired School Personnel dinner Tue. July 9th with 34 reservations. Sheets sent around for food and workers. Donna offered to decorate tables with Independence Day theme. Bob has offered to put on table settings and make the drinks.
Old business: Yard sale, main concern to get enough advertisement. Donna will put article in Hi-Lites. Hope & LeRoy will put letters on portable sign and Doris & Richard will put it in place. Hope will make sign for Yard Sale to be put out day of sale. Ladies will get items marked and ready to put out on Thurs. Sale will begin Friday July 19th 9am to 5pm.
Barb shared with ladies a show “Aspire” coming to Michigan in Oct. – No interest.
August meeting will be a picnic at Jane’s. Bring a dish to pass and easy chair.
No further business Donna made motion seconded by Ruth to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.

Barbara Thatcher, Secretary