Esther Circle


Ten ladies met at Maike’s with Donna H. as hostess. Following lunch Donna treated with a variety of cookies. Thank you Donna.
While waiting for lunch Barb read the devotions for Sandy. The other commandment, which was so cute and so true. How we worry about our appearance and according to Galatians 2:6 God does not judge by external appearance.
Minutes were read and correction made that the Youth group Potato Bar is Oct. 6 not Oct. 20. Minutes accepted following correction.
Suggestions for dinner potluck and pie auction.
Jane suggested Nov. 18th as she thought it was the day of the church conference. If that is not the day she suggested Nov. 17th. Joan made a motion seconded by Hope to do this with alternate date of Sat. Nov. 17th.
Barb said that Houseman’s have asst. pork chops for $1.29 a pound and that they were really nice. Joan made motion seconded by Jane to get the pork chops for the Nov. teacher dinner. Motion carried
Treasurer report showed a balance of $1,283.96. Report accepted as read.
Letters read: Letter from Bible League and it was decided that we help them individually thru the year.
Letters read from True North Community Service and WISE explaining their purpose and how many people are helped through their services. It was decided that since we give these gifts of money at the Nov. meeting we would hold on this contribution until then.
Barb asked for suggestions for the menu for the Nov. School Personnel dinner to go with the pork chops. Apple sauce to go with the pork chops, scalloped potatoes, vegetable medley, tossed salad, rolls, pumpkin squares.
No further business meeting adjourned.

Barbara Thatcher, Secretary