Esther Circle

ESTHER CIRCLE                                                                                                                       

OCTOBER 4, 2017

                Eight ladies met at Hitt’s the Spot with Donna Horning as hostess.  Following lunch Donna treated with brownie sundaes.  Delicious! Thank you Donna.

                President Jane called the meeting to order.

Roll call found 19 cards sent and 16 visits or calls made.

Minutes were read, Verda made motion seconded by Diane to accept as read.  Motion carried.

Treasurer showed balance of $552.12 with income from bake sale $86.00 and $25.00 for pigs.

Expenses – Ministry shares $500.00, $22.03 for blood drive, $34.50  meat for Retired School Personnel dinner in Aug.

                It was stated that cookies sold better than the baked goods at the Trail Town celebration Sat. Oct.1st.  Night circle ladies suggested that we bake just cookies next year if we decide to have a table and add energy bars that could be purchased by the runners.

                We need baskets to be brought to church and put on table by the elevator so they can be ready to put on sale the last Sun. in Oct. in the Narthex.  It would be beneficial to have items listed on a 3X5 card so people can see what is in the basket.  Diane will prepare bid sheets for each basket not marked otherwise.

                Jane reported that they had taken the UMCOR supplies to Reed City campground.  There were 15 hygiene kits plus extra items and 4 buckets of cleaning supplies.  We can continue to collect items as the need is great.

                Night circle is doing a mini bazaar at the Christmas Walk.  Jane asked if there was interest in joining them with jewelry, other items, Rada.  Colored stickers would be put on each item so one person could take the money and know which circle the sale belonged to.  Further discussion on this next month.

                Barb will have menus for Nov. & Dec. Retired School Personnel dinners next month.

                Diane asked if ladies would like to furnish desserts for the Youth groups potato bar Oct. 14th.  Ladies volunteering:  Barb, Jane, Donna H, Donita.

                No further business, meeting adjourned.


Barbara A. Thatcher, Secretary