Esther Circle


ESTHER CIRCLE                                                                                          NOVEMBER 6, 2019

Eight ladies met at Sally’s with Diane as hostess.  Following lunch Diane treated with homemade lemon bars. Delicious. Thank you, Diane.

President Jane called the meeting to order.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer report showed a balance of $954.32.  Accepted as read.

Roll call showed 47 cards sent and 21 calls or visits made.

Food and workers set for Retired School Personnel dinner Tues. Nov. 12.

List of homebound was given and discussion followed on things group could do.  It was decided we will be giving the fruit baskets for Christmas.  Will think about ideas for valentines and Easter.  Some like chocolates. It was remarked that it is hard for homebound to take care of live plants.

Date set for packing the fruit baskets at 10am Dec.17th.  Barb will order the fruit and get the candy and canes.

Donna H. is hostess on Dec. 4th and decided to have potluck in church basement as usual.  Decision to bring personal gifts for food pantry & gifts for veteran’s home in Grand Rapids.  Jane said that Pat Decker took gifts last year so probably could get him to do that again.

Barb asked for desserts for the CSI potato bar Nov. 9th. Hope, Doris, Barb & Donna will bring desserts.

Barb read letter from New. Co. Dept. of Health & Human Services asking for support for the Children’s Christmas party.  Doris made a motion seconded Donna to send $100 for this party.  Motion carried.

Hope asked if circle wanted to do anything for the Christmas Walk Dec. 9th.  Sunday School is doing something so decision if they need help, we would help them.

No further business meeting adjourned.

Doris had devotions on Thanksgiving from Psalms.


Barbara Thatcher, Secretary