Ladies' Night Circle is opened to any woman attending the White Cloud United Methodist Church.  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the lobby of the church building. The Night Circle provides the Upper Room Devotionals for our church family.  We also provide the paper supplies for funeral luncheons. We also donate money for mission projects for our church, city, and mission projects sponsors by The United Methodist Church. At our monthly meeting besides doing the planning of upcoming events and projects, we have a devotional and enjoy a time of dessert and fellowship with each other.  For more information, contact Barbara Anderson at 231-689-1063 or the church secretary, Barb Thatcher, at the church office (231-689-5911).




President Pam opened the meeting with prayer. Seven ladies present.

Minutes were read and Doris made motion seconded by Phyllis to accept minutes as read. Motion carried.

Treasurer report showed balance of $1,197.89. Barb A. made motion seconded by Phyllis to accept report as read. Motion carried.

Diane reported that Upper Rooms have not been received. She has called and they promise they will be here by this weekend as they are to be passed out at Sunday worship.

Janet, Vicki & Judy were present representing the Tiger Team that are taking over to fill the many jobs that Donita faithfully took care of.

Upon suggestion of Jane that we stop using foam our team has been checking into prices for biodegradable tableware and table covering.

Sandy made a motion seconded by Doris to support the Tiger team in getting the supplies that are needed. Motion carried. They have been getting supplies from Sam’s Club and question if we can use Diane’s Sam Club card that is tax exempt and have supplies sent to church.

Vicki reported on new cupboards purchased with Donita’s memorial money and placed in dining area to put most of paper supplies in. Bill is strengthening the bottom cupboards for the tableware. Vicki & Janet have been reorganizing the furnace room. Three new containers have been purchased for lemonade and tea. The coffee supplies have been combined and will be purchased by church funds.

New business: Annette asked if circle wanted to support Free Fishing Day. Barb A. made a motion seconded by Pam to give $75 for free fishing day. Motion carried.

Diane reported that yearly license from the Health Dept. has been received. Diane made motion seconded by Barb T. to send payment before Apr. 30 and Esther Circle will pay half when voted on at next meeting.

Thank you was read from Red Bird Mission on money sent to them.

No further business Pam made motion seconded by Doris to adjourn. Motion carried.

Pam had devotions and gave out construction paper & crayons to make prayer cards.

Annette served a delicious pineapple dessert.

Barbara Thatcher, Secretary