Ladies' Night Circle is opened to any woman attending the White Cloud United Methodist Church.  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the lobby of the church building. The Night Circle provides the Upper Room Devotionals for our church family.  We also provide the paper supplies for funeral luncheons. We also donate money for mission projects for our church, city, and mission projects sponsors by The United Methodist Church. At our monthly meeting besides doing the planning of upcoming events and projects, we have a devotional and enjoy a time of dessert and fellowship with each other.  For more information, contact Barbara Anderson at 231-689-1063 or the church secretary, Barb Thatcher, at the church office (231-689-5911).



JANUARY 15, 2019

President Pam opened meeting with prayer with many prayer concerns for Diane’s niece, Emily, Phyllis’s sister-in-law Helen having hip surgery, Skye Nichols with health concerns, Sandy and for the CSI lock-in this weekend and for Candy starting iron IVs.
Minutes were read and amendment made as Treasurer gave $100 to Ellen for Christmas but not to CSI as they are not in need now and our Treasurer does not have sufficient funds. Barb A. made motion seconded by Phyllis to accept minutes as read with amendments. Motion carried.
Treasurer report showed balance of $153.36. Barb T. made motion seconded by Candy to accept report as read. Motion carried.
Ladies reported a good time at Christmas party. They had lots of good food and a good time visiting. Barb A. passed out new 2019 meeting schedules at Christmas party.
Thank you read from Pastor Ed for Christmas gift of money from Circle.
Pam had E-Mail from Elementary school asking if churches could supply small water bottles, fruit snacks & granola bars for state testing in April and May. We will act on this later.
Decided to have Valentine soup & dessert on Sat. Feb.9th, 5:00-6:30pm.
Barb A. – Pumpkin & cheese/broccoli soup
Joan – Bean soup
Phyllis – White chili & will get bread at Maike’s
Barb T. – Potato soup & crackers
Annette – Chili
Pam – chicken noodle & butter
Diane – 2 brownies & heart candy
Candy – 2 brownies
Meeting adjourned.
Barb A. gave devotions on Lamentations 22 & 23. She referred to Guidepost New day, New year, New start. Psalm 90:14. Walk away from our yesterdays as the best news is that Jesus is with us all day long. Put happiness in your life by starting new life every morning.
Candy served delicious apple cake with cream cheese frosting.

Barbara Thatcher, Secretary