Ladies' Night Circle is opened to any woman attending the White Cloud United Methodist Church.  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the lobby of the church building. The Night Circle provides the Upper Room Devotionals for our church family.  We also provide the paper supplies for funeral luncheons. We also donate money for mission projects for our church, city, and mission projects sponsors by The United Methodist Church. At our monthly meeting besides doing the planning of upcoming events and projects, we have a devotional and enjoy a time of dessert and fellowship with each other.  For more information, contact Barbara Anderson at 231-689-1063 or the church secretary, Barb Thatcher, at the church office (231-689-5911). 

NIGHT CIRCLE                                                                                                NOVEMBER 21, 2017

                President Pam called the meeting to order with 8 ladies present.  Prayer concerns for Rick Rudert’s recovery from lung transplant, good report that Jenetia has more good days than bad.  President Pam said prayer for all concerns.

                Minutes were read and Joan made a motion seconded by Annette that minutes be approved as read. Motion carried.  There is a correction in time change for the Christmas Walk from 10am to 3pm, to 1pm to 5pm.

                Treasurer report showed balance of $554.83 with expense of $104.00 for the Upper Room.  Approved as read.

                Sandy will take care of direction sign for the Christmas Walk.  Jane will get the colored stickers for each group.  All baked items, crafts & etc. should be at church Fri. by 5:00 and put on table by the lift.  Have your items marked by price.  All ladies working the mini bazaar try to be at church by 11am to set up tables.  Whatever doesn’t sell each person will take back home.  It was suggested that some cookies be put in small bags of two or three as some don’t want to purchase a dozen.

                It was decided to have the annual Christmas Party in the Fellowship room on Tues. Dec. 19 at 6:00pm with a salad/dessert luncheon.  Bring own Christmas service.

                Gift items for ladies and men that come to food pantry.  Put the items in a Christmas bag so it looks like a present.

                Money gifts for this year - $100 to Ellen Snook, $100 to C.S.I., 50.00 to Methodist Community House, $50.00 to Clark Home.  Barb A. made motion seconded by Phyllis to give these gifts.  Motion carried.

                Barb A. passed out 2017 schedule for any changes or approval.  She will have 2018 ready for next meeting.

                Sandy made a motion seconded by Barb A.  that all officers be approved to continue for 2018 year.  Motion carried.

                Pam suggested that we need to plan to do a pancake supper in Feb.

                Barb made motion seconded by Phyllis to adjourn.  Motion carried.

                Barb had devotion on article “In God We Trust” reflections on Pearl Harbor Christmas Day 1941 and the mistakes that Japan made or it would have been a worst disaster.  He stated that God was taking care of America.

                Barb served delicious apple cake with whipped topping.


Barbara A. Thatcher, Secretary