Ladies' Night Circle is opened to any woman attending the White Cloud United Methodist Church.  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the lobby of the church building. The Night Circle provides the Upper Room Devotionals for our church family.  We also provide the paper supplies for funeral luncheons. We also donate money for mission projects for our church, city, and mission projects sponsors by The United Methodist Church. At our monthly meeting besides doing the planning of upcoming events and projects, we have a devotional and enjoy a time of dessert and fellowship with each other.  For more information, contact Barbara Anderson at 231-689-1063 or the church secretary, Barb Thatcher, at the church office (231-689-5911).



NIGHT CIRCLE                                                                       OCTOBER 15, 2019

President Barb A. called the meeting to order with prayer.  Seven ladies present.

Minutes were read and Doris made a motion seconded by Pam to accept them as read.  Motion carried.

Treasurer report showed balance of $1,088.00.  Bills of $39.24 for table covering and paper cups and a bill of $145.16 to be paid to Judy for supplies purchased from Sam’s club.  Doris made a motion seconded by Barb T. to pay these bills.  Motion carried.

President Barb asked Treasurer to keep track of all income and expense from Oct 1st to Mar. 31st to show amount  of income and expense.

Treasurer reported that she had decreased number of Upper Room’s to 60 paying $82.00 a quarter.

Joy reported that she had talked to Bev Guikema about program for Agape meal and she will do it.  We will check to see if the youth group will help with serving and clean-up.  Further decisions will be made in Jan. for Agape meal.

Next month we will decide on hostess and program for Christmas as Sandy was on program for this.

Jane is hostess and devotions for Nov.

No further business meeting adjourned.

Doris gave interesting devotions.

Diane served peanut butter-oatmeal-choc chip cookies & coffee.  Delicious.


Barbara Thatcher, Secretary