In the United Methodist Book of Discipline we find a section that speaks of Our Theological Task. This section is one of those cornerstones from which we can live out our faith.  The leading thought goes like this: “Theology is our effort to reflect upon God’s gracious action in our lives” (BOD page 78). Theology then helps us to get a handle on the grace afforded us on the cross at Calvary. As we wrap our minds and hearts around God’s grace we sense a need to respond to the love of Christ.  We come to understand a sense of reciprocity which is a response to God in Christ. This causes an action the Book Of Discipline explains:  as “response to the love of Christ, we desire to be drawn into a deeper relationship with the author and perfecter of our faith” (page 78). We seek to give expression to the mystery of God’s presence, peace, and power for the world. It is sometimes overwhelming sometimes intimidating. Yet we try to put meaning and sometimes words to what we experience so that we might play a part in God’s work for the world. You know, the “love the Lord Your God with your entire heart mind and souls and your neighbor as yourself.”

As we work through the understanding of God’s love we question, test, and reflect on what is going on within us. As we get comfortable with the thoughts and ideas within our skin so to speak, we are able to begin to verbalize what we have found in the tests. We then become able to speak to the renewal of our minds and pass on God’s love, and grace to others as it has been passed on to us. Through this love of God we are able to discern the needs of the world around us, and in far away places

The key is that we are not called alone. God calls individuals, (Disciples) together within the church to participate together in different and diverse ways too carry out the mission of a particular church.

To be persons of faith is to hunger to understand the truth given to us in Jesus Christ. To find this truth is no casual undertaking because truth, “requires sustained discipline of study reflection and prayer” (page 78). Sometimes the discipline to study and reflect can be difficult because of all that ends up in our daily lives. Yet by setting aside proper time for prayer, and discipline to study, the reflection becomes easier for us. The more often we can sit down together and reflect over what we have leaned in study the more we will understand the insights, traditions, and experiences of others. This is where we find the community of God’s gracious action in the church and the world. Being together can help make the kingdom of God exist today and every day.

 This is another way we seek God’s purpose, offer God’s love, and nurture God’s world.

 Can I get an amen?

 Peace and grace

              Pastor Ed