Spring is finally beginning to show itself to us. We are ready to see renewal of our world come to life once again. Not very far from Easter Sunday where we are reminded of new birth in the Jesus was resurrected from the dead. In the spring we look for the power of God as he renews the grass, leaves, and flowers. It is getting ready for vacations, trips to the lake and Vacation Bible School. Yet when spring is temperamental and giving us gifts of ice and snow we fear that spring will never come. So we need to have faith that once again spring and summer are on their way. Faith is often a child of fear. We need to remember that fear  propelled Peter out of the boat. In his livelihood Peter had ridden these waves before. Peter knew what storms could do. Being a fisherman he had heard the stories and witnessed the wreckage. Peter knew the  widows and knew that storms could be devastating and he wanted out. You see Jesus had put the disciples on a boat and sent them across the lake to the other side ahead of him. Jesus had stayed behind to send the people home. After Jesus had sent the people on their way he went off by himself to the hills to pray. By this time the boat the disciples were in was already being hit by waves far from the shore. The boat was being hit by waves because the wind was blowing strongly. Strongly, strongly the wind blew against the water and strongly against the boat. While this was going on the disciple’s were filled with fear.  As the wind blew and the waves crashed against the boat Jesus came to them. The disciples were not sure at first who was coming on the water in fact they thought it could be a ghost. Jesus quickly called out to them “Have courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.” Peter calls out to Jesus “Lord, if it is really you then command me to come to you on the water.” Jesus said, “Come.”

We see Peter in a heart wrenching; suffocating fear, he feels there is no way out. Yet out of this fear faith was born. You would have to wonder if Peter had seen Jesus walking on a calm lake would he have been interested in walking above the water with Jesus? I’m not so sure he would have. Yet if you are given the choice between sure death and a crazy chance for life, crazy wins the day.  Even when Peter’s faith wanes and he falls into the stormy waters; he swallows his pride and calls out to the one who can save him, Jesus. Jesus reached out to Peter and pulled him from sure death (Matthew 14:24-31).

Great acts of faith are not born out of calm calculation. They are born out of fear. At the beginning of every act of faith is a seed of fear. God gives us the faith to grow in the seed of fear with his love and compassion. Reach out to Christ today and let him pull you above the fear from the waves and storms of life so that you may live in faith.


Peace and grace


Pastor Ed