As we come to the end of October and the cooler temperatures of fall we begin to feel the change of the season. This change is a transformation of the extreme pace of summer activities from the many vacations, trips to the lake, summer weekends camping in tents, campers, cabins, and cottages, and those county and state fairs that we enjoy. It is the showing of our livestock, tractor and horse pulls and cotton candy. These activities preoccupy us through the warmth of the summer season.

Fall begins the transformation from the activities of summer back to our home, school, regular work schedules and harvest time pointing us toward Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. As the tree leaves change their colors that go from the spring and summer  rejuvenating color of green, to the magnificent colors of orange, red and yellow of fall. It is the sounds of the harvest of crops, the disappearing of the orange barrels of repaired roads and the rain and winds of fall, all signs of the changing season. As fall gives us a break from the heat and humidity of summer; and brings us cool crisp nights and days of fall, it is as if God is announcing the change with contrast of the beauty and sounds only God can manifest. This is a good time for us to stop and reflect upon the year to see where we have been. In an attitude of thankfulness of the past year and the many blessings we have experienced throughout this time and call out to God in praise and appreciation. Let us take some of the first fruits from the joy the Lord has given us and place them before God in Christ Jesus.

Jesus always invites us to choose to follow him and be transformed in the grace of God. Deciding to walk with Christ in a culture that is not so graceful is not always easy. When we make the choice to walk with Christ in a culture that only seems to reward those who take only for themselves before thinking of others who are in need, you may feel as though someone is taking advantage of you. Yet, as the decades pass and we look back, it is clear to see that those who sought advantages by taking advantage have in reality lost life. Those who choose to walk with Christ in the hard decisions and in the good times have discovered richness of life beyond any price. At times it may seem that the cost of choosing life is too high, but when you stop and think about it, choosing life is the only reasonable choice to make.

To choose life with Christ seems like the reasonable thing to do. If given the choice why would anyone not choose this type of a life? Within the goodness and love of Christ it would seem foolish to choose anything else, in fact any other choice would be less than the best God has for us. It remains a mystery to me that we often find ourselves choosing what devalues life and leaves us less than we were before.  Maybe we are unaware of the consequences of our choices until later, sometimes much later. Taking this time as the year begins to wind down can be a time for us to hear the transforming call of God. This time can be a time with Christ who invites us to be like him as a light in the darkness. It is in that light we are able to bring peace to others through our love of God who loved us first. It is internalizing God’s love for us that we begin to show God’s love on the outside. It is like the leaves that turn those bright and enjoyable colors as they die to themselves. Through there death to self they brighten the corners of life for others. As we reflect on our lives and die to self and rise in Christ we to become bright and wonderful colors of grace to everyone in the world around us.

Remember God loves you and there is nothing you can do about it. Let us love the Lord and tell  God, we love you and there is nothing you can do about it. Amen


Blessing to you in the peace, love, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ


Pastor Ed